March 12, 2018

Box Contents:

¾ lb. Baby Arugula

1 bu. Yellow Carrots

1 bu. Chioggia Beets

1 bu. Green Garlic

1 lb. Purple Top Turnips

2 hds. Napa Cabbage

2 hds. Batavia Lettuce

1 lb. Leeks

Box Notes: Spring is in the air around here! The native redbud that grows along the roads, field edges and in the hills is in full magenta bloom, the wild plums are showing their white flowers and the stone fruit orchards (apricots, peaches and plums) are revealing their pink and fuchsia blossoms. And the birds are chirping and singing, actively making their nests, feeding their offspring, and taking baths in any puddle they can find. The spring crops are making their appearance too: a new crop of arugula, green garlic harvested before the bulb divides into cloves, and lettuce for refreshing salads, all scrumptious produce to make your eating experience delightful.  The Napa cabbage is a quenching leafy green that makes great kimchi. When salt is added to the cabbage, the juices come out of the leaves creating a salt water bath for the leaves to ferment in. Add thinly sliced carrots, thinly slice beets, onions, whole chili peppers and green garlic to create a fabulous pickled vegetable side that can age in your refrigerator for weeks. For kimchi recipe ideas try:

Field Notes: Rain is expected this week – hooray! We’ve had a cloudy, humid Monday that feels like rain is coming. Steady rain for the rest of this month may bring the Clear Lake water level to the point where water can be released to Cache Creek to assist farmers with their summer irrigation needs. We need at least 2 more inches of rain to bring the lake’s water level high enough for the Yolo Water Conservation and Flood District to plan the releases.

Spring Hams now available in the web-store!

A pasture raised ham is the simplest way to please an Easter crowd. Cote the ham in a citrus glaze, loosely cover with foil and heat. Our hams are bone in, smoked and cured to perfection by Roundsman's Smokehouse in Fort Bragg. Limited availability. Hams are $11/lb. range from 5-9 lbs. and ship frozen. When shopping the web store, keep in mind you order will ship with the next scheduled delivery. Follow this link: to purchase your spring ham. When ordering please select the number of pounds you would like your ham to weigh and we will choose a ham as close to that weight as possible.

The next food-focused festival in Yolo County is the California Honey Festival in Woodland, on Saturday May 5, 2018 from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information visit: