March 19, 2018

Box Contents:

¾ lb. Asparagus

1 bu. Collard Greens

¾ lb. Baby Arugula

1 bu. Purple Carrots

1 bu. Green Garlic

 ¾ lb. Purple Daikon

1 hd. Green Cabbage

1 bu. Cilantro

Box Notes: Asparagus is here! Last night a frost hit the asparagus pretty hard, but we were able to pull just enough for the csa boxes. We are hoping for warmer nights or it will be a very short asparagus season. The spring carrots have returned. You can expect carrots in each veggie box weekly for the next few months. The purple and yellow carrots are more of a cooking carrot, while the orange carrots are great eaten raw, grated on salads, or sliced into sticks for dipping in hummus. Sprinkle chopped cilantro and chopped garlic on top of the hummus for an added zing of flavor or incorporate into the recipe to augment the clove garlic. The purple daikon also works well as a hummus-dipping device.

Field Notes: About an inch of rain has landed over the course of storms last week. We’re hoping for enough rain before summer so that Clear Lake can release water for irrigation from Cache Creek this year. Indian Valley Reservoir also serves as a source of water for Cache Creek so based on its current water level, we know the water will flow in Cache Creek this summer. Cache Creek, that runs from the north to the south on the east side of the floor of the Capay Valley, is an essential source of water for the fields where we grow crops adjacent to the creek. Some of these fields don’t have wells so they rely on the surface water of Cache Creek for irrigation. It’s also a primary source of drinking water for the wildlife in the region. Many wildlife trails lead to the water during the summer because the water sources are limited in the hills. Some natural springs run year round so they provide some drinking water too.

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