March 5, 2018

Box Contents:

2 hds. Batavia Lettuce

1 lb. Leeks

1 bu. Collard Greens

1 bu. Red Beets

1 bu. Green Garlic

1.5 lb. Mixed Daikon Radish

2 hds. Bok Choi

1 Butterkin Squash


Box Notes: Asparagus is on the horizon! It should be making a slightly-later-than-usual seasonal appearance in the coming weeks. Its arrival has been delayed by the extremely cold nights we’ve been experiencing. Once it gets going, we will feature this delectable treat in the veggie boxes each week for about 1 ½ months. Also up ahead, late April/early May: snow, sugar and snap peas, more Tokyo turnips, a variety of lettuce heads, more Little Gem lettuce, and spring onions.

Field Notes: We received over 1 ½ inches of rain last week. This amount of rain helped moisten the soil and settle the dust. It also helped water in some of the recently transplanted crops including: fennel, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, chard, and lettuce. The air is so clear this week you can view Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen and the snow covered Sierra Mountain range from Woodland and the Central Valley. There are very few times of the year when the air quality is this clear. It’s a great month for hiking in the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument region, a combination of federally managed Bureau of Land Management land, and Yolo County parks connected via pedestrian and equine trails. The wildflowers are beginning to make their first appearance with a great showing of Dutchman’s Pipe last week. For hiking trail access and maps visit: The best valley for wildflower viewing is Bear Valley in Colusa County, accessible by vehicle via Hwy 20 near Wilbur Hot Springs.

Spring Hams Now available in the web-store!

A pasture raised ham is the simplest way to please an Easter crowd. Cote the ham in a citrus glaze, loosely cover with foil and heat. Our hams are bone in, smoked and cured to perfection by Roundsman's Smokehouse in Fort Bragg. Limited availability. Hams are $11/lb. range from 5-9 lbs. and ship frozen. When shopping the web store, keep in mind you order will ship with the next scheduled delivery. Follow this link: to purchase your spring ham. When ordering select the number of pounds you would like your ham to weigh and we will choose a ham as close to that weight as possible.

The next food-focused festival in Yolo County is the California Honey Festival in Woodland, on Saturday May 5, 2018 from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information visit: