What We Grow

Organic Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts

We grow over 80 different crops and large diversity of varieties. We rotate crops through our fields to help maintain healthy soil and prevent the build-up of pests. Our farm is run by a year-round crew and we offer health care and benefits to all employees. 



We have several organic fruit and nut orchards on our farm. We grow June Pride Peach, Fairtime Peach, Royal Blenheim Apricots, Dapple Dandy Pluots, Santa Rosa Plums, Snow Queen White Nectarines, Chandler Walnuts, and Mission and Nonpareil Almonds. We have an integrated pasture grazing system throughout our orchards that enables us to utilize the space between trees for organic pasture and provides shade for the grazing chickens. The manure from the chickens acts as a natural fertilizer for the trees. 


For wholesale ordering, please email sales@riverdogfarm.com