Riverdog Farm began as a 2-acre organic vegetable farm in Napa County. Started by partners Trini Campbell and Tim Mueller, Riverdog is now located in the Capay Valley and grows organic food on 450 acres. 

Trini Campbell                                                          Tim Mueller

Trini grew up in Des Moines Iowa and has always had a green thumb. She is not only an exceptional farmer, but also a caring and generous member of her community. She can be found at the Saturday Berkeley Market, where she is sure to greet you with a smile!

Trini at the wednesday guinda farm stand 

Trini at the wednesday guinda farm stand 

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Originally from Ohio, Tim is a man of many trades and gives the utmost care and attention to making sure that people, land, and animals are well taken care of. You can find him at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers’ market wearing his signature Riverdog t-shirt.

Tim at the farm headquarters

Tim at the farm headquarters





"A Tale of Two Chickens": a short video by the Lexicon of Food


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