Our Markets

We grow organic, sustainably produced, and delicious food. We believe in selling local because we want to foster relationships with the people who eat our food and minimize our environmental impact.

You can find us at

Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market                                   Thursday Berkeley Farmers' Market
Adeline St and 63rd St                                                       Shattuck Ave and Rose St
2 PM-6 PM                                                                         3 PM-7 PM

Saturday Berkeley Farmer's Market                                  Sunday Sacramento Farmers' Market (starting March 6th, 2016!)
Center St and M.L.K. Jr. Way                                            West St. and 8th St.         
10 AM-3 PM                                                                       8 AM-12 PM                                              

Other places to find us:

Guinda Farm Stand

Every Wednesday

7150 Hwy 16, Guinda CA 95637                                            
3 PM - 6 PM Rain or Shine                                                                     
Bay Area, Sacramento, Davis, and Napa grocery stores, food co-ops, restaurants, and prepared food vendors:

Andy's Produce                                        Avedanos
Berkeley Bowl                                          Boot and Shoe Service
Cook's Company                                     Bull Valley Roadhouse
Davis Food Co-op                                   Camino
Earl's Organic Produce                           Chez Panisse
Good Eggs                                              Cultured
Greenleaf                                                The Fatted Calf (Napa and SF)
Hudson Greens and Goods                    Gather
Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op          Hog's Apothecary
Sebastopol Community Market               Liholiho Yacht Club
VegiWorks                                               The Local Butcher Shop
Veritable Vegetable                                 Mockingbird
Whole Foods Market                               Nopa
                                                                Ramen Shop
                                                                Three Stone Hearth