August 21, 2017

Box Contents

1.5 lb. Black Eyed Peas

1 lb. Yellow Finn Potatoes

1 lb. Early Girl Tomatoes

1 Armenian Cucumber

3 Japanese Eggplant

1 Orange Honeydew Melon

1 Yellow Baby Watermelon


Box Notes: Melons will be included in your veggie boxes for the weeks ahead. We do a sequential planting of melons (seeded in the greenhouse in March/April/May) so that the melon harvest is continuous throughout the warm summer and early fall months. They are sun kissed and infused with natural fruit sugar. Like many of the summer crops we grow, the heat makes an incredible difference in the depth of flavor and sugar content. The black eyed peas are a farmers market and chef/restaurant favorite. See the recipe below for these delicious legumes.  

Field Notes: Wow! How lucky we are to have experienced the rare solar eclipse today on the farm. The temperature dropped quickly as the moon covered the sun. A sudden still, quietness settled around the farm. The bird chirps and dog barks came to standstill. All was quiet for the hour of the eclipse as though the wildlife and domesticated critters all seemed to think it was dusk.

Pickling Cucumbers are available by the case: $40 for 22 lbs. Place your order by emailing the farm:

Early Girl and Roma Tomatoes are available for canning and making sauce: $45 for 20 lbs. Place your order by emailing the farm:

Friendly reminder: For vacation skips, please contact the farm by Monday of the week you need to skip. We need advance notice for skips so that we can program the deliveries and adjust the harvest accordingly. Thank you and we hope you are having a great summer!

CSA Special Offer: For the next 6 weeks we are offering CSA members a summer sale price on racks of Spare Ribs: $8/lb. (10 lb. minimum order)

Please email the farm: to place an order for pastured pork ribs.

Pork Shares are available: The pork shares are a combination of smoked and cured pastured pork sausage and bacon along with cuts such as ribs, chops, and roasts. During the summer months, we also offer a custom BBQ pork share. You can choose from a selection of ribs (country, spare, or baby back), pork cuts and sausage for grilling. The pork shares are $8 per pound and range in total weights of 10 to 19 lbs. Please email the farm: to place an order. Riverdog animals are CCOF certified organic. Riverdog Farm meat is not certified organic due to being processed in an off-farm facility that is not certified organic. Place your order for Riverdog Farm’s pastured meats by emailing:

Save the Date: Saturday October 7 and 8, 2017 Hoes Down Harvest Festival at Full Belly Farm in Guinda. Visit: for ticket information and volunteer opportunities.