January 9, 2017 Veggie Box News

Box Contents

2 lbs Blue Heron Oranges

1 bu Collards

1 lb. Broccoli

1 lb. Mixed Roots

1 ½ lb French Fingerling Potatoes

1 hd Green Cabbage

1 Gray Kabocha Squash


Box Notes: 

The rain continues to come down as we face the third rainstorm in less than seven days. Fortunately, we were able to evacuate our pigs to higher ground before Catch Creek overflowed its boundaries and our pastures seem to be handling the water well. Today we are running on generator power do to a Capay Valley wide power outage, but hope to be back up and running tonight.


Oranges grown by our friends at Blue Heron Farm in Rumsey are here! We will include them in the veggie boxes for most of the winter deliveries. Their CCOF certified oranges are juicy and delicious. When squeezed, they make incredible orange juice.


Cases of organic oranges are available for order: $36 / 20lb case. Please place your order for oranges by the Monday before your delivery day by contacting csa@riverdogfarm.com


Pork Bone Broth: New in 2017!!

$10 for 32 oz.

We are pleased to offer our pork bone broth made from Riverdog Farm pastured pork bones and our certified organic carrots. Roliroti in Oakland makes the broth for us in their USDA certified kitchen. They roast the bones and carrots then cook them in water and strain the liquid broth into the 32-ounce jugs. We deliver the broth frozen to your delivery site.


Whole Chickens and Pastured Pork: Bacon, Sausage, Ham, and Pork Cuts available year round.

Please contact the farm at csa@riverdogfarm.com for pricing and to place your order. The meat orders are delivered to CSA sites frozen in a strapped cooler. The farm retrieves the empty coolers from the CSA site the week after delivery. Please take your meat order out of the cooler the day of delivery or return the cooler the following week to the CSA delivery site.


Riverdog Farm pigs and chickens are certified organic animals raised on diets of certified organic corn/soy/triticale, produce culls, alfalfa, rye grass, clover, Three Twins Ice Cream overruns, and whey from Cowgirl Creamery. The meat is not labeled organic because the processing facilities are not yet certified organic. We are working with our processors to have the facilities become certified organic so that we can label the packaged meat as certified organic.