November 20th, 2023 Newsletter

Published on
November 25, 2023

Box Contents

1 bunch Dino Kale
1 lb Little Gem/Red Gem
1.5 lb Yellow Finn Potatoes
1 lb Sweet Peppers
1 lb Yellow Onions
1 lb Delicata Squash
1 lb Pomegranates

Thanksgiving Week Schedule Adaptations

Thursday Market Deliveries:  We will shift you to Tuesday market unless you tell us some other plan!
Thursday Folks: Your boxes will deliver on Tuesday 11/21/23
Friday Folks: Your boxes will deliver on Tuesday 11/21/23
Saturday and Sunday: Same as ever

Happy holiday weekend!

Last last Call for Thanksgiving Hams!

Exciting and/or new in your box this week:

Sweet peppers: For Thanksgiving!! What else can we say?! You're welcome. :) Italian frying peppers are conical and thick-walled, ranging in color from golden orange to deep red. Gypsies are more stout in shape, thin-walled and crunchy. Both are excellent for stuffing, roasting, enjoying fresh in salads, or with dip.

Yellow Fin potatoes: These flaky starch nuggets are ideal for french fries, roasting, or scalloped potatoes. They absorb flavors exceptionally well.

Dino kale: Before everyone grew it and knew it as Dino Kale, I got to know a chef who brought the seed over with the name Cavolo Nero, or "Black Cabbage." Dino, otherwise known as Lacinato kale, is a dark blue-green, heirloom variety of Kale. The moniker dinosaur refers to this variety of kale, because of the bumpy surface of its leaves is said to resemble dinosaur skin. Tastes great when steamed or stir-fried, versatile enough for juicing.

Pomegranates: Jewels of the fall! Pomegranates are high in vitamin C, add sparkle to a salad or a cocktail.

Check out our Instagram @riverdogfarm where we share images of the crops, farming, re-posts of your farm fixings photos and videos and provide market/CSA updates!

You can find us at these Northern California farmers markets throughout the week

Tuesday Berkeley Farmers' Market (2 PM-6 PM)
Adeline St and 63rd St

Thursday Berkeley Farmers' Market (3 PM-7 PM)
Shattuck Ave and Rose St

Saturday Berkeley Farmer's Market (10 AM-3 PM)
Center St and M.L.K. Jr. Way                                                   

Sunday Sacramento Farmers' Market (8 AM-12 PM)
Back under the Cap City Freeway, Broadway and X

Winters, CA Sunday Market (9am-1pm)
Main St just east of Railroad              


What better gift than a month or a quarter of weekly fresh veggies? Remember we have eggs, chicken and pork too.

Riverdog Webstore

Augment your CSA with items from the farm store! Shop online for a custom order of our organic vegetables, nuts, eggs, fruits and meat (subject to availability).

Visit: to place your orders. Please place your orders by noon, 2 days before your delivery day to ensure same week delivery.

Riverdog Farm

Shop Webstore or Farmers Market


Yukon Gold potatoes

Beloved yellow potato variety with paper thin skins and a waxy texture. Yukon's keep their shape beautifully when cooked, perfectly suiting them to salads. Certified organic.
$20 for a 5 LB bag.

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Smoked ham

Riverdog hams are smoked over apple and alder woodchips by Roundman’s Smokehouse in Fort Bragg. They range from 8-12 lbs and contain no added nitrates. Pre-order for your holiday table!
$13/ LB

Shop the store »

The weekly veggie box contents are subject to change. We include a list of box contents in the newsletter to give you an idea of what to expect but it may differ from what is packed. Crop quality, daily yields and weather conditions will determine final box contents each week.

Please pick up your veggie box on your delivery day. Please pick up your CSA order on your delivery day so that it stays fresh and we can ensure quality. CSA site hosts may donate any unclaimed items no sooner than 24 hours after the original pick up day and time of 3pm. After 24 hours (3pm the following day) unclaimed orders may no longer be available and the subscriber absorbs the subscription cost for that week’s order.

  CSA Announcements:

  1. Webstore Orders: Please Explore! As well as our veg we offer pasture raised pork and lamb. We offer eight types of sausage, classic bacon and no sugar bacon as well as frozen cuts.

  2. Site hosts: Please email the CSA manager by the morning following the delivery day about any unclaimed CSA boxes. This way, we can contact CSA subscribers to remind them to pick up their veggie boxes.

  • Please check your CSA account for the most up-to-date information such as your next delivery from our farm.

Whether you leave the box at the site or take it home to return the following week, please unfold (collapse) your box carefully to keep the end flaps from tearing. Slowly bend the two end panels towards the outer ends first then collapse (flatten) the whole box by gently folding the rest.

Give your account 48 hours to update when making changes. For example, when changing your account status from permanent hold to active by charging your credit card, the process may take up to 48 hours to update. The auto-pay option button is at the bottom of your account page. Please click it for auto-renewal of your CSA subscription and to ensure uninterrupted weekly veggie box deliveries.  Reminder: So that your subscription continues uninterrupted, please make sure your credit card on file is up to date on your CSA account. For those who need to end the CSA subscription before your balance is at $0, you MUST contact the farm through email to request cancellation. There is a 10% of your balance cancellation fee. You may put your account on a DELIVERY hold if you will be gone for periods of time.

  • Please pick up your veggie box on your delivery day. It’s important to pick up your veggie box the day of delivery to maintain freshness.

  • For any changes you need to make to your account, the cut off time is 12:00 NOON, 2 days before your delivery day Remember to make any changes to your account such as payment renewal, webstore orders or delivery holds by 12:00 NOON, 2 days before your delivery day. Thank you!

“Delivery hold” is used for short periods of time – you use this option 48 hours in advance to schedule the deliveries you are unable to pick up.

“Permanent Hold” is used for long periods of time – you use this option if you are gone for extended periods of time and wish to resume your account when you get back. You must change your status to “active” when you return in order to resume deliveries.

“Cancel” is used to delete membership details but not your balance, this means you would need to re-enter delivery status, subscriptions, and credit card information when you resume the Riverdog Farm CSA. To address your balance, please email

Frog Hollow Farm Fruit Box the weekly fruit box is $33.25.
To add the Frog Hollow Fruit box to your weekly subscription:

  1. Go to your CSA account.

  2. Log in then look at the right side of your page at the summary box - at the bottom of that box is your subscription with a darker green box that says "change". Click on change.

  3. Below the title "CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION" you have 2 tabs - Click on the -options- tab. You will see the Frog Hollow Fruit box available to add.

  4. ALL orders must be in by Sunday at NOON so we have the ability to process the order and deliver it.

The Frog Hollow fruit box will be available to add to your CSA account from Thursday to Sunday by NOON. Due to logistics, the Frog Hollow Fruit Boxes will only be available to the Wednesday/Thursday/Friday subscribers. CSA subscribers who pick up on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays, at the Berkeley farmers markets may purchase directly from Frog Hollow.  12:00 pm Sunday is the deadline to change your account for the fruit box, if you enter a hold any time after that, we can cancel delivery of the box, but your account will still be charged the full amount for the Fruit box. Frog Hollow CSA boxes come with 3-4 varieties of seasonal tree ripened, exceptionally tasty stone fruits. As part of their commitment to sustainability, Frog Hollow works hard to avert food waste. You can expect to see ripe, cosmetically imperfect fruit and small or large pieces of fruit in the fruit boxes. These characteristics should not affect the deliciousness of what you receive. Visit their web site to learn more about their CSA program, farm, ethos, fruits and recommendations:

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