September 16, 2019

Box Contents

1 bu Chioggia Beets

1 Charlyn or 2 Cantaloupes

¾ lb Purple Daikon Radish

1 ½ lbs German Butterball Potatoes

1 bskt Shishito Peppers

1 ½ lbs Early Girl Tomatoes

Field Notes: Miraculously, we had a real rain event the morning of Monday September 16, 2019. The forecast predicted 3/10 of an inch and we received about that much, if not a bit more. It helped settle the dust and significantly cooled the daytime temperature. After the hustle bustle of summer harvest and hot days, we’re looking forward to the upcoming season of cool, rainy days.

Box Notes: From Specialty Produce, we found this description of the colorful purple daikon: “The Purple daikon radish is botanically classified as Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus and is a member of the Brassicaceae or mustard family. The word ‘daikon’ is Japanese for “great root”. Daikon radish is a cool weather root vegetable grown primarily for its tuber though the entire plant is edible. It has a typical root shape that is globular and tapers to a point. This variety of daikon can be recognized by its bi-coloring that is a violet purple on its exterior and a bright white to pale violet on its interior. The inner flesh is very crisp and offers a mild to medium heat and classic daikon radish flavor. When grown in a cool climate Purple daikon will be mild, when grown in warm to hot climates the radishes will develop a more intense heat.”

Save the Date: Hoes Down Harvest Festival, Saturday October 5, 2019 from 11 am to 11 pm. For ticket and event information visit: Ticket sales are limited this year and only available via online, advance purchase.