May 13 2019

Box Contents:

3/4 lb Asparagus

1 bu Dandelion Greens

1/2 lb Mei Qing Choi

1 bu Carrots

3/4 lb Sugar Snap Peas

1 bu Red Torpedo Spring Onions

1 bu Tokyo Turnips

Box Notes:

The sugar snaps are at their peak of flavor, sweetness and crispness this week. Enjoy them raw straight out of the bag or chopped in a green salad. The head chef at Bull Valley Roadhouse, rated in the top 100 Bay area restaurants, raved about the flavor and texture of the Tokyo turnips that he bought at the Berkeley Farmers Market last Saturday. Here’s a link to an interesting article about ways to cook dandelion greens: There’s about 2-3 weeks of asparagus harvest left, depending on the weather. On the horizon: summer squash in late May/early June, little gem lettuce soon, and cherry tomatoes by early July.


Field Notes:

With many summer crops recently transplanted, the rain forecasted for the end of the week - possibly up to 1 inch - will be a hydrating refresher and dust settler. The rainfall is predicted to break records for the average annual rainfall in May in northern California.


CSA Survey: 

Thank you to all our customers who filled out our survey, we love getting your feedback!  Everyone who participated was entered into a raffle to receive 2 free CSA boxes; we want to announce that our winner is Lisanne Leask, thank you Lisanne and all our other lovely CSA members, we appreciate you!  We’ll be reading your responses and making improvements in the coming season!


2019 CSA Payment Schedule

Quarter 2: Wednesdays $312   Thursdays $312   Fridays $312

Quarter 3: Wednesdays $312   Thursdays $312   Fridays $312

Quarter 4: Wednesdays $288   Thursdays $288   Fridays $288

Annual Payment (annual payers receive 2 complimentary veggie boxes): $1,152


We encourage you to consider making the annual payment for your veggie box deliveries. This helps support the farm by providing advance purchasing power for labor, seeds, fertilizers, and other farming expenses that are essential to the farm’s operations. Thank you for supporting the farm with your continued CSA subscription!