February 18th 2019

Box Contents:

1 ½ lbs Broccoli

1 bu Red Spring Onion

1 ½ lbs Scarlet Queen Turnips

½ lb Red Oak Leaf Lettuce

2 lbs Murcotts

1 bu Yellow Carrots

1 bu Collards

Box Notes: The Murcott mandarins in your veggie box this week are from Gold Oak Ranch in Rumsey and are CCOF-certified organic.

The scoop on the new gray plastic totes:

When you pick up your veggie box, please check it for a white sticker label (either on the sides/ends or top). If it has a white sticker label with someone’s name on it, then it has add-ons and is a special order for someone else. Be sure to take a veggie box without a white label if you are picking up a veggie box without add-ons. Please return the tote to your drop site the following week or bring an empty bag to transfer the items into the same day that you pick up. Thank you for returning the totes to your drop site for re-use!

Field Notes: Last week was a doozy with over 4 inches of rain falling Wednesday/Thursday. Cache Creek reached flood stage at about 8 am on Thursday morning and came over the banks onto some of our fields that are adjacent to the creek. Luckily, the water receded the same day. It was incredible because during the 2017 winter when we had a higher than average rainfall, the creek didn’t quite as high as it did last week. This is probably linked to the wildfires and the reduced vegetation that would have absorbed some of the rainfall.

Almond Festival Sunday February 24, 2019 An all-day, 5-town event celebrating the almond blossoms of the region. There’s a pancake breakfast served by the FFA at the Esparto High School, a book sale at the Esparto Library, and delicious wood-fired pizza featuring Riverdog Farm sausage will be for sale in the hamlet of Rumsey and a variety of bands/food at all of the 5 towns. For more info about the Almond Festival visit: https://www.espartoregionalchamber.com/events/2019/2/24/capay-valley-almond-festival.

2019 CSA Payment Schedule

Quarter 1: Wednesdays $288   Thursdays $288   Fridays $288

Quarter 2: Wednesdays $312   Thursdays $312   Fridays $312

Quarter 3: Wednesdays $312   Thursdays $312   Fridays $312

Quarter 4: Wednesdays $288   Thursdays $288   Fridays $288

Annual Payment (annual payers receive 2 complimentary veggie boxes): $1,152

We encourage you to consider making the annual payment for your veggie box deliveries. This helps support the farm by providing advance purchasing power for labor, seeds, fertilizers, and other farming expenses that are essential to get the next growing season going. Thank you for supporting the farm with your continued CSA subscription!