September 3rd CSA Newsletter

Box Contents:

1 bskt Shishito Peppers

1 ¼ lb Early Girl Tomatoes

1 Orange Honeydew Melon

1  lb Armenian Cucumber

1 bunch Basil

¾ lb Red Onions

1 ½ lbs Yellow Finn Potatoes

Box Notes: The Shishito Peppers are a mild version of the Pimiento de Padron Peppers. They actually don’t have any spiciness. They are a fast cooking pepper, delicious heated in olive oil with salt on a skillet or on the grill until softened/wilted/slightly charred.  The Armenian cucumber is a very mild cucumber. The skin doesn’t need to be peeled. Unlike green slicing or pickling cucumbers, the Armenian cucumber doesn’t have any bitterness at any time during the growing season.

Field Notes: While most of the area fires are 100% contained, there was a flare up in Lake County last week that caused more smoke so we are still experiencing haziness and filtered light. Hopefully, the air will clear by next week. We didn’t get the annual August rain that usually surprises us the last month of summer. Looking forward to the rainy season that should begin in earnest in November. Carbon from the wildfire ash will fertilize the new plant growth in the hills. It should be a very verdant spring.

 Upcoming Event:
An annual event celebrating agricultural land preservation in Yolo County. Riverdog Farm will be there with a tomato tasting table.

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