August 6th

Box Contents:

1 bskt Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes

1-2 Walla Walla Onions

1-2 Charentais Melon

1 lb Sweet Peppers

½  lb Green Beans

1 lb Listada Di Gandia Eggplant

1 ½ lbs Carrots

Box Notes: The Charentais melon is our best tasting melon this week. We harvest all the melon varieties when they’re ripe. They continue to ripen off the plant but we like to harvest them at their peak of sweetness for the fullest flavor. The signs of ripeness for Charentais are:

1. The skin goes from blue green to cream colored, with some blue stripes still showing

2. The melon slips easily off the plant from the stem end

3. We sample some in the field to taste test their sweetness

These harvest techniques apply to all the melon types except the watermelon – the main difference in ripeness indicators with the watermelon is that the green curlique tendril on the other side of the stem starts to dry out, becomes brown. When the curlique is half dry, the melon is perfectly ripe!

Field Notes: Still smoky conditions in the Capay Valley. We’re monitoring the Calfire updates to have the current information about the fire’s status. Hoping for improved containment as soon as possible. 

New Webstore Items

Globe Eggplant ($30/25lb)                      

Green Beans ($40.00/10lb)