August 20th

Box Contents:


1 ½ lbs Variety of Tomatoes

1 bu Basil

1 ½ lbs Globe Eggplant

1-2 Charentais Melons

1 lb Yellow Baby Watermelon

1 ½ lbs Red Onions

¾ lb Mixed Sweet Peppers


Box Notes: The Charentais melons tend to split in the field when they are ripe. This doesn’t mean that they are overripe but instead indicates that they are at the peak of ripeness. Late August and September are pepper months on the farm. We are harvesting many varieties and featuring them in the veggie boxes almost weekly. Here are a few ideas for upping your pepper consumption while they are in season: thinly slice and sauté with garlic and onions for a veggie side dish for lunch or dinner, stuff with rice, herbs, ricotta cheese and ground lamb/beef/pork for baked, stuffed peppers, roast over an open flame indoors or outdoors and peel the charred skin to enjoy roasted peppers, chop into small pieces to add to a green salad, or just snack on them like you would an apple.

Field Notes: The nighttime temperatures have started to be cool, between 60 to 70 degrees. In August each year, we receive the first rains. Last week was very humid and cloudy so it was feeling like the first rain was coming but it hasn’t happened yet. It’s always a pleasant surprise to get rain in August after so many days of dry, warm weather. Then the real winter rainy season begins in earnest in November. This is when we feel a drastic change in the seasons with much cooler temperatures and the clouds reappear after their long hiatus.

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