July 9th 2018

 Box Contents:

1 & 1/2 lbs Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes

2 Slicing Cucumbers

1 lb Mountain Rose Potatoes

1 Muskmelon

1 bu Carrots

.75 lb Mixed Summer Squash

1 lb Santa Rosa Plums

 Box Notes: July is tomato time. Each year, we grow over 50 colorful varieties of tomatoes.

We’ll be featuring a changing selection of tomatoes in the veggie boxes for most of the

summer. Some weeks we’ll include mixed cherry tomatoes, other weeks you’ll see mixed

heirlooms and some weeks you’ll see Early Girls toms. You’ll also be seeing a variety of

potatoes throughout this month. We harvested the fist yellow watermelons and cantaloupes

last week so they’ll be appearing soon. The carrots are almost done for the summer season

as they prefer to grow in the cooler seasons. Last week was the first cucumber harvest so

they are the cream of the crop: mild, no need to peel the skin, and juicy/quenching!

 Field Notes: The County Fire grew wildly over the past week but thanks to the incredible

fleet of fire responders from all over the state, it’s now up to 73% contained. We are seeing

greatly reduced smoke and barely any smoldering remnants of the fire in the hills. The

hillside/wilderness landscape is charred. It’s hard to fathom that just one week ago we were

fearful of property damage because the fire line was so close but the fire breaks that Calfire

created and the backburns that they orchestrated were effective in containing the fire.

Looking at the fires happening throughout the state and the loss of homes/structures, we are

really sympathizing with the people who reside near regions that are vulnerable to wildfires

after experiencing the threat of fire here. We hope that Calfire begins a program of

wilderness management throughout the state that includes controlled fires to reduce the fuel

load of vegetation that has accumulated over the years causing inferno-like conditions.

Thank you for your concern about our safety. We appreciate your kind words!

 Web Store Highlights:

To celebrate the summer cook-out season: Spare Ribs are on sale!

Only $8/lb. (down from $10/lb.)

You can now order a Frog Hollow Farm CSA box (or two!) for delivery with your Riverdog

Farm CSA Veggie box, or web store order. The Frog Hollow fruit is CCOF-certified organic.

 The catch: you must make your one time or weekly order no later than Sunday at

midnight for delivery the coming week. Frog Hollow fruit boxes come packed full of 3-4

varieties of exceptionally tasty, seasonal, tree ripened stone fruit. Summer fruit boxes

contain 7 lbs. of mixed CCOF-certified organic stone fruit that include many varieties of

peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots. Visit their web site: www.froghollowcsa.com to learn

more about their CSA program, farm, ethos and fruits.

 Each Fruit Box is $27.75

Event Announcement: The Hoes Down Harvest Festival isn’t happening this year. The

event organizers decided to take a break. The festival will resume in October 2019.