July 30th 2018

Box Contents:

¾ lb Green Beans

1 ½ lbs Brandywine Tomatoes

2 Slicing Cucumbers

1 Orange Honeydew Melon

1 bu Basil

1 lb Globe Eggplant

1 bskt Sungold Cherry Tomatoes

Box Notes: The veggie box this week represents the best of summer! Tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, basil, eggplant and melon: each peaking with flavor and juiciness. A simple summer sandwich is a great way to experience the flavors of the produce in this week’s box: thinly sliced cucumbers (leave the skin on), a slice of tomato, some feta cheese or other type of salty cheese, salt, pepper and avocado if you have it on hand. Voila! It’s summer held in between two pieces of bread.

Field Notes: Our region is experiencing thick smoke today from the Carr Fire near Shasta and the complex of fires in Lake and Medocino Counties. While the smoky air is no fun to work in, it’s creating the plus of lower temperatures by filtering the sunlight. Hopefully soon, the fires will be contained. We are feeling for those who’ve lost homes and family members to the firestorms. Having experienced the threat of the wildfire in the County Fire that started in Guinda, seeing the flames lapping nearby was unsettling enough. Our hearts go out to those in the path of the fires.

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