July 23rd

Box Contents:

1 ½ lbs Early Girl Tomatoes

1 Painted Serpent Cucumber

1 lb Mixed Peppers

1 Yellow Baby Watermelon

1 Musk Melon

¾ lb Green Beans

2 Jumbo Red Onions

Box Notes: The peppers are coming on with brilliant colors and we’re excited to share them with you. The green beans are another new treat in the box this week. This year we are growing these, cranberry beans and black eyes peas.

     The yellow baby watermelon and muskmelon are refreshing, sweet and crisp fruits. Great to share with friends on these summer days. The yellow baby was developed in Taiwan using a melon from New Hampshire and a melon from China. The painted serpent cucumber is originally from Armenia and is fantastic for slicing, putting in sandwiches and mincing/blending for sauces.   

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