July 16th

 Box Contents:

1.5 lbs Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes

2 Slicing Cucumbers

1 basket Shishito Peppers

1 Yellow Watermelon

1 bu Italian Parsley

3/4 lb Japanese Eggplant

1 lb Santa Rosa Plums

 Box Notes: The Shishito Peppers are making their first appearance this week. They are a mild pepper that is best sautéed quickly in a heavy skillet (see recipe below). Shishitos are similar to Pimiento de Padrons but don’t have the spicy element. We are harvesting the yellow watermelons for the first time this season. They are a quenching, sweet treat especially when temperatures are predicted to be triple digit this week.

 Field Notes: Thank goodness, the County Fire is 100% contained and the fire crews have moved along to put their time and effort into other fires happening throughout the state. While the western hillsides of the valley look charred in patches, there are still some trees and vegetation. The fire responders did an incredible job of keeping the fire away from homes and barns on the valley floor be creating effective fire breaks. Hopefully in the future, any wildfires in this region will be less ferocious because the fuel load has been greatly reduced by the County Fire.

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