June 25, 2018 Veggie Box News

Box Contents:

1 lb. Mixed Summer Squash

1 bskt. Mixed Medley Cherry Tomatoes

1 lb. French Fingerling Potatoes

1 bu. Basil

1 bu. Carrot

1 lb. Red Onions

1 hd. Savoy Cabbage

1 bu. Green Chard

Important Holiday Schedule Anouncment!

All members with Wendsday CSA deliveries scheduled for 7/4 (next week).

 Your boxes will be delivered to your regular pick up site, on Tuesday July 3rd.


Box Notes: Basil, French Fingerling potatoes, and Summer Squash are making their first appearances in the veggie box this week. The French Fingerlings (and fingerling potatoes in general) have a waxier texture than the Yukon Gold or German Butterball potatoes. They make great hash browns (grated and cooked in oil in a skillet) because they hold their form. They also make a great potato salad for the same reason (not crumbly). 

Field Notes: We experienced a heat wave over the weekend with temps reaching up to 106 degrees and a power outage Sunday night due to a downed power pole along State Route 16. Then the wildfires started just north of the farm in Lake County but we are out of harm’s way and it hasn’t gotten too smoky. Luckily, this week’s forecast is expected to be cooler with temps in the low and mid 90s. The winds have slowed down too so hopefully, the wildfires will get under control.

We’re excited to be growing sweet corn again this year! We’ll start the sweet corn harvest in about 10 days. During the 3 drought years, we decided to not grow sweet corn due to its heavy water requirements. After last year’s heavy winter rainfall we were able to grow sweet corn and are doing it again this year. Always popular at the farmer’s market and in the CSA boxes, sweet corn is a summertime favorite. Also, eggplant and sweet peppers are soon to come.

Event Announcement: The Hoes Down Harvest Festival isn’t happening this year. The event organizers felt they needed a break so the festival will resume in October 2019.

Web Store Highlights:

To celebrate the summer cook-out season: Spare Ribs are on sale! Only $8/lb. (down from $10/lb.) 

You can now order a Frog Hollow Farm CSA box (or two!) for delivery with your Riverdog Farm CSA Veggie box, or web store order. The Frog Hollow fruit is CCOF-certified organic. The catch: you must make your one time or weekly order no later than Sunday at midnight for delivery the coming week. Frog Hollow fruit boxes come packed full of 3-4 varieties of exceptionally tasty, seasonal, tree ripened stone fruit. Summer fruit boxes contain 7 lbs. of mixed CCOF-certified organic stone fruit that include many varieties of peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots. Visit their web site: www.froghollowcsa.com to learn more about their CSA program, farm, ethos and fruits.

Each Fruit Box is $27.75