June 11, 2018

Box Contents:

1 bu. Carrots

1 lb. Broccoli

1 lb. Russian Banana Fingerlings

1 bu. Green Chard

1 bu. Red Torpedo Spring Onions

1 lb. Scarlet Queen Turnips

1 bu. Red Beets

1 hd. Green Cabbage

Box Notes: Each year, we grow many varieties of potatoes. The favorites include the Yukon Gold, the German Butterball, the Yellow Finn and the fingerlings. The yield/harvest is great this year. This week’s veggie box features the Russian Banana Fingerlings, a variety that San Francisco Specialty Produce describes as having “soft, gold flesh that cooks to a fluffy texture and has a full-bodied, buttery, and nutty taste”.  All of our potato varieties are currently “new”, meaning that they’ve just come out of the soil, the skin has not yet set so no need to peel the skin, it’s so thin and tender, it’s barely there.

Field Notes: June has been mild so far, knock on wood. The Santa Rosa plums are ripening beautifully. Our onion crop has sized up and will be harvested in late June for curing. The great thing about onions is that they are less perishable than the other delicate crops we grow. The onions will keep for months once they are cured in burlap sacks in the field. Stored in a cool, dark place the onions stay fresh for quite some time. We will feature them in the veggie boxes throughout the summer as a staple cooking item and will bring them to each of our 4 farmer’s markets weekly. One of my favorite, most vivid memories is a beautiful onion harvest scene: while visiting farmer friends at Livepower Community Farm in Covelo, there were onions, single layer on pallets for ventilation, drying on the dirt floor of a barn. The onions were huge orbs with dark yellow skins. It was in the late summer and we went to the Eel River to cool off. We tried to grow the same variety the following year but ours never got quite that big. This year we might come close to the size of those magnificent onions.                                         

Web Store Highlights:

To celebrate the summer cook-out season: Spare Ribs are on sale! Only $8/lb. (down from $10/lb.)

Big news! We are excited to announce a new partnership with our fruit farming friends at Frog Hollow Farm. You can now order a Frog Hollow Farm CSA box (or two!) for delivery with your Riverdog Farm CSA Veggie box, or web store order. The catch: you must make your one time or weekly order no later than Sunday at midnight for delivery the coming week and unfortunately no fruit delivery is available on Tuesdays at the Napa Fatted Calf. Frog Hollow CSA boxes come packed full of 3-4 varieties of exceptionally tasty, seasonal, tree ripened stone fruit. Summer CSA boxes contain 7 lbs. of mixed stone fruit that include many varieties of peaches, plums, nectarines and pluots. Visit their web site: www.froghollowcsa.com to learn more about their CSA program, farm, ethos and fruits.

Each box is $27.75