April 2, 2018

Box Contents:

1 lb. Asparagus

1 bu. Spinach

¾ lb. Loose Arugula

1 lb. Cauliflower

1 bu. Red Carrots

1 bu. Red Beets

 1 lb. Leeks


Box Notes: Asparagus is in full swing. We sold 300 bunches at the Saturday Berkeley Farmer’s market and are harvesting more today. Each day, the spears grow about 5 inches so we harvest the asparagus daily. Hopefully, the spring pea harvest will begin in 2 weeks. Lettuce will be returning soon.

Field Notes: Because the weather has been so mild, we managed to transplant some of the tomatoes last week. We set up irrigation lines for frost protection in the event that the nighttime temperatures get close to 32 degrees. By running the overhead sprinklers during any waves of cold weather, the plants are protected from frost. The formation of ice creates a layer of protection on the plants. An ice coating is better than frost because the frost breaks the plant cells whereas the ice doesn’t. But as always this time of year, we hope that the nighttime temperatures will not get that cold. Our frost-free date is usually mid-May or the last full moon in May. Since the full moon in May this year is not until the 29th, we’re hoping it won’t become too chilly for the young plants. We’ll also be direct seeding sweet corn in the coming weeks.

Farm Dinners are scheduled at our neighbor’s Full Belly Farm through the end of the year! They often feature Riverdog Farm’s pastured chicken and pork on the menus at their monthly farm dinners. To see the schedule and purchase tickets visit: http://fullbellyfarm.com/events/events-calendar/.

Upcoming food event: The California Honey Festival in Woodland, Saturday May 5, 2018, 10 am to 5 pm: https://californiahoneyfestival.com/.

Spring Hams are still available in the web-store!

Our pasture raised whole hams are bone in. Smoked and cured to perfection by Roundsman's Smokehouse in Fort Bragg. Hams are $11/lb. and range from 7-9 lbs.

When ordering please select the number of pounds you would like your ham to weigh and we will choose a ham as close to that weight as possible.

Don’t see a cut or roast you would like to purchase in the web store? Contact the office and let us know what you would like. We can accommodate custom orders given enough lead time. Just ask!