February 26, 2018

Box Contents:

2 hds Batavia Lettuce

1 bu Cilantro

1 lb Leeks

1 bu Dandelion Greens

1 bu Spinach

½ lb Napa Cabbage Rabe

1 bu Collard Greens

½ lb Almonds

Box Notes: Every year, the last Sunday in February, the region celebrates the Almond Festival. This year was the 103rd festival. The timing of the event coincides with the trees being in full bloom. The white, sometimes pale pink almond blossoms made a spectacular showing this year. Thousands of people came to the valley to witness the beautiful springtime display of botanical wonder. Motorcycle riders, vintage car drivers, and families drive the long, scenic stretch of State Route 16 stopping at the small villages along the way to taste the flavors of the region. The Guinda Grange Hall sold almond blossom ice cream and almond rocha to raise funds for the renovation of their historic community hall, the Rumsey Hall offered wood-fired pizza featuring Riverdog Farm sausage, and the local volunteer fire departments features barbequed oysters on the half shell. It’s a fun day when visitors flock to the region, the attendance this year was exceptional. Looking forward to next year’s Almond Festival. Speaking of almonds, we included them in the veggie boxes this week. Lightly toasted on a skillet at a low temperature, these nuts are a nutritious, protein-rich snack.

The next food focused festival in Yolo County is the California Honey Festival on Saturday May 5, 2018 from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information visit: https://californiahoneyfestival.com.

Loaded with a variety of greens, the veggie boxes this week feature greens from several different plant families: lettuce and dandelion greens (Asteracea), spinach (Amaranthaceae), Napa cabbage and Collards (Brassicaceae). Each type imparts a different flavor. They can be combined, cooked together or cooked solo.

Field Notes: Despite nighttime temperatures in the low 20s the past week, the crops are holding on, even the tiny, recently pollinated almonds are managing to stay attached to the branches. We got a light rain Sunday night and are hoping for a steady amount of rain in March/April to make up for the dry February.

Spring Hams Now available in the web-store! $11/lb. Hams range from 6-8.75 lbs. Our hams are smoked and cured at Roundman’s Smokehouse in Fort Bragg. Limited supply. Contact the office if you would like to reserve your Easter Ham at csa@riverdogfarm.com

Egg Subscriptions Now Available!

At long last, we are beginning to see the light! We have been suffering a shortage of eggs here at the farm for some months now. Because of the lengthening light hours in the day our egg layers are beginning to produce more eggs.  We are happy to announce that we have enough eggs to offer our csa members the option of adding eggs to your CSA subscription. Sign on to your member account to add an egg subscription. Click the “Change” text located next to your current subscription, in the Summary Box. From there you can select an egg subscription. Please contact the office with any questions.