February 12, 2018

Box Contents:

2 lbs. Blue Heron Navel Oranges

2 hds Batavia Crisp Lettuce

1 lb. Mixed Roots

½ lb. Mei Qing Choi Raab

1 hd Fennel

1 bu Spinach

1 hd Cabbage

1 bu Cilantro

Box Notes: The mixed roots are a combination of turnip varieties and rutabagas. Dice the roots into one-inch cubes, coat with olive oil and a dash of salt, these make scrumptious roasted roots. Roast at 375 degrees for about an hour until the roots are soft all the way through with a golden outer edge, tossing occasionally with a spatula so each side has a chance to become golden. Camino, one of our longtime restaurant produce buyers in Oakland, cuts the rutabagas into french fry sticks and roasts them in a similar way.

This is the last week delicious oranges will be included in your CSA box. The navel oranges are from Blue Heron Farm in Rumsey. They are CCOF certified organic. Blue Heron Oranges are still available for purchase on the web store: 10 lbs. for $20 or 20 lbs. for $40! Follow this link to add a case or two to your next delivery (while supplies last): https://csa.farmigo.com/store/riverdogfarmcsa.

Field Notes: We have been harvesting wild stinging nettles from under the oak trees growing near the banks of Catch Creek for sale to our Bay Area restaurant customers. We would like to extend this spring time specialty to you, our CSA members! Wild Stinging Nettles are now for sale in the web-store: 1# for $10 or 3# for $25. Nettles are renown for their many health benefits. Follow this link to learn more: https://draxe.com/stinging-nettle/. The leafs can be used in place of cooked spinach in most recipes, but carful when handling them when raw, they do sting! Once blanched the plant looses its sting but retains its many health benefits

Capay Valley Almond Festival

Sunday February 25, 2018

This festival is a 6 hamlet celebration of the almond blossom season in the Capay Valley. Starting in Madison, driving along State Route 16, going about 20 miles up to Rumsey, you can view the orchards in bloom and stop to enjoy the music and food along the way.

The Rumsey Hall, a historic community hall built in 1906 at the northern end of the valley, serves wood-fired pizza, pork sliders and beer and features live music.

Egg Subscriptions Now Available!

At long last, we are beginning to see the light! We have been suffering a shortage of eggs here at the farm for some months now. Because of the lengthening light hours in the day our egg layers are beginning to produce more eggs.  We are happy to announce that we now have enough eggs to offer our csa members the option of adding eggs to your CSA subscription. Sign on to your member account to add an egg subscription. Click the “Change” text located next to your current subscription, in the Summary Box. From there you can select an egg subscription. Contact the office with any questions.