October 29th 2018

Box Contents:

1 lb Early Girl Tomatoes

½ lb Arugula

1 hd Bok Choi

¾ lb Little Gem Lettuce

¾ lb Green Beans

1 lb Yellow Finn Potatoes

Box Notes: Amazingly enough, the green bean plants are continuing to produce delectable beans. And the Little Gem Lettuce season has returned! Please see the recommended recipe below from the farm for the best way to enjoy Little Gem Lettuce. The last planting of the tomatoes will continue to produce fruit until it frosts. The first frost usually happens between late October and Thanksgiving. During our 28 years of farming, we had a few years when the tomato harvest went through Thanksgiving! This is a rare occurrence. As the season goes along, the tomato fruit size becomes smaller and the flavor becomes concentrated.

Field Notes: On the farm this week: the leeks are sizing up and beautifully weed-free. The blue-green allium leaves of the leeks make a beautiful sea of green in the fields.

Wishing all a Happy Halloween this week! We are looking forward to the first annual tractor-pulled hayride through our little hamlet of Guinda for Halloween. The kids in the region will be in costume and the ride will go along the county roads stopping at homes to trick or treat.

Holiday Hams are now available! The hams are from pastured hogs raised on a certified organic diet of pasture, produce culls from the farm, Cowgirl Creamery whey, Three Twins ice cream and grain. The hams are $11 per lb. They range in size from 6-12 lbs. The animals are certified organic but once processed, the meat is not certified organic because the smokehouse in Ft. Bragg is not yet a certified organic facility. Please contact Christian at csa@riverdogfarm.com to place your order. We have a limited supply so please reserve your order early.