November 27, 2017

Box Contents

1 ½ lbs Fuyu Persimmons (not certified organic)

1 lb Pomegranates

¾ lb Baby Red Romaine

¾ lb Broccoli

¾ lb Cauliflower

1 bu Red Beets

1 bu Carrots

2 hds Mei Qing Choi

Box Notes: The broccoli and cauliflower crops are coming on strong. We would like to encourage members to eat the leaves! They are a nutrient packed, sweet (not bitter) green. The leaves boast a richer source of beta-carotene than the florets and contain loads of vitamin A, C and B-6. They cook much like kale or collards and can be used in place of traditional greens in any recipe.

The Fuyu Persimmons are grown by our neighbor Frank Espriella here in Guinda. He has spent over 20 years developing his specialty persimmon orchard. They are not certified organic but are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. This type of persimmon can be eaten when firm, like an apple. No need to peel the skin.

Field Notes: The Sunday rain brought about ½ inch to the farm. It helped settle the dust and refresh the air. This is the time of year when we experience frosty nights after the storms clear. The tomatoes and peppers are officially done due to the cold nighttime temperatures. There are only 4 weeks of harvest until the farm is closed for the last week in December. We will be harvesting brassica crops, carrots, and bunched greens. The garlic is planted. It’s over-wintering. Green garlic and asparagus will be here sooner than we realize, starting sometime in March.

Riverdog Farm Holliday Delivery Schedule:

The farm will be closed from Sunday December 24th - January 1ST for our annual holiday break. There will be no CSA deliveries 12/24/17-1/2/18. Deliveries will resume on Wednesday 1/3/18. Napa Fatted Calf members, your first box of the New Year will arrive on Thursday 1/4/17. Please make a note of the December Holiday delivery schedule on your calendar.

Holiday Hams are available for reservation on the web store!

Limited availability. Please specify desired weight and delivery date at check out. Hams are $10/lb and require a $15 deposit.

Riverdog hams are smoked over apple and alder wood chips by Roundman’s Smokehouse in Fort Bragg. They range form 3.5 to10 lbs and contain no added nitrates. Our certified organic hogs live on 50 acres of organic pasture and enjoy an all organic diet that consists of our vegetable culls, Cowgirl Creamery whey, Three Twins Ice Cream, foraged black walnuts, acorns, grasses, farm grown grains and certified organic feed. Riverdog Farm hogs are certified organically raised animals by CCOF. Our meat is processed at non-certified organic USDA facilities therefore, the pork is not certified organic.