March 7th Veggie Box News

Box Contents

  1. 2 lbs Blue Heron Oranges
  2. 1 bu Asparagus
  3. 2 hds Batavia Crisp Lettuce
  4. 1 bu Red Beets
  5. 1 hd Red Cabbage
  6. 1 lb Leeks
  7. 1 bu Gold Chard

 Box Notes

The oranges are from Blue Heron Farm in Rumsey and are CCOF-certified organic. The green garlic shanks are sizing up nicely. Soon, the beginning of the bulbs will begin to divide, forming the individual cloves. By mid-June the garlic (along with the onions) will be dry, ready to harvest and will cure for a few days, post-harvest, allowing the leaves to shrivel up and easily break off the bulb to store for sale at the farmers market and in the veggie boxes throughout the summer months. Here is a link to many recipes featuring dandelion greens:


Field Notes

The rain continued through Sunday March 13, 2016. This storm front has brought over 6 inches of rain to our region in about one week! Clear Lake, the primary source of water for Cache Creek (along with the watershed along the way), has begun to release water into Cache Creek because the lake is so full. The surface water availability for 2016 is looking good, much better than the last two years of drought. As soon as there is a dry window, the tomato starts currently filling the greenhouse will go into the fields. We expect the first cherry tomato harvest to begin in early July.

A Beautiful Way to Spend Mother's Day!

May 8, 2016

10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Visit the breathtaking gardens of the Capay Valley! Come join in the delight of spring flowers, strolling through many of the Valleys’ finest gardens. Talk to the gardeners themselves and learn the secrets of their success. New gardens have been added this year as well as several points of interest along the drive though the valley. Many of the gardens are also showcases for agricultural production in the Capay Valley. You are welcome to picnic in the gardens – delicious box lunches will be for sale at the Guinda Grange Hall using local ingredients. Art and plants will be for sale at the Grange Hall. For more information and to purchase tickets visit: