March 21 Veggie Box News

Box Contents

  1. 1 lb Navel Oranges

  2. 1 bu Asparagus

  3. ½ lb Baby Lettuces

  4. 1 bu Red Beets

  5. 1 hd Fennel

  6. 1 bu Purple Carrots

  7. 1 lb Leeks

  8. ¾ lb Golden Turnips

Box Notes

The oranges are from Blue Heron Farm in Rumsey and are CCOF-certified organic. Asparagus season is at its peak. The intermittent rainfall is giving the asparagus just the right amount of water to keep those spears poking through the soil. They grow about 6 inches in one 24-hour period! Asparagus takes 3 years to establish and lasts for 15 years, expanding its underground network of rhizomes to yield more spears (and give the plant more energy for regeneration) each year.  The leeks are winding down as the peas - shelling, snap and snow - are revving up. By the end of the week, the temperatures will be close to 80 degrees. I included several soup recipes in this week’s newsletter to enjoy while it’s still a little cooler. 

Field Notes

Happy Spring Equinox! March 20, 2016 was one of two days in the year when the daylight and nighttime length are equal. This day is also known as the Vernal Equinox. It certainly feels like spring with full reservoirs, water releases from Clear Lake, a full Cache Creek, the continued rainfall and the explosion of wildflowers in the hills. Bear Valley, about 45 minutes north of Guinda, is a remote region with a spectacular display of wildflowers. Burrowing owls have a lot of habitat in Bear Valley so it is also a great location for viewing the shy owls. Bear Valley is located off of Hwy 20 in Colusa County along the Bear Valley Road. You travel about 14 miles on Bear Valley Road once you’ve turned north off of Hwy 20.  The fall equinox will happen on September 22, 2106.

Capay Valley Garden Tour

May 8, 2016

10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Visit the breathtaking gardens of the Capay Valley! Come join in the delight of spring flowers, strolling through many of the Valleys’ finest gardens. Talk to the gardeners themselves and learn the secrets of their success. New gardens have been added this year as well as several points of interest along the drive though the valley. Many of the gardens are also showcases for agricultural production in the Capay Valley. You are welcome to picnic in the gardens – delicious box lunches will be for sale at the Guinda Grange Hall using local ingredients. Art and plants will be for sale at the Grange Hall. Proceeds from the tour support the enhancement of local parks and the new landscaping plan for the Guinda Grange Hall, a century-old community gathering place. For more information and to purchase tickets visit: